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Despite the latest developments in programming languages, C++ remains the main instrument in many software companies. It allows reaching high levels of efficiency in response time and memory allocation; thus, many developers prefer C++ over other programming environments when they are developing applications with heavy calculations on huge data sets. 

While developing artificial intelligent, optimization, simulation and other components for our customers, we also developed and perfected a range of generic tools that are very fast in response time, efficient in memory allocation and intuitive to use. Furthermore, many of the capabilities our tools have are nonexistent in other similar products. 

Configuration File Reader

Reading program configuration settings from a file.

Screen Writer

Thread safe error and message displaying on the screen.

Task Scheduler

An easy way to schedule and run tasks in a multi-thread environment.

Date & Time

A tool to store date/time data and handle all related operations.


Message logging system that allows storing messages in a file and/or a database table.

Database Table Connector

A unique tool that supports communication with most popular databases in multi-thread environment.


Generic Toolkit

(Your Every Day Tools for Every Software Project)

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