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Generic Toolkit

These are generic C++ components that can be used in any software, e.g., tools for database communications, logging, and multi-thread job execution. As our "giving back to community" initiative, most of these components are free of charge. 

Algorithmic Toolkit

We developed and perfected a range of algorithms for solving generic well known problems, e.g., shortest-path, network depth-first-search, and other algorithms. These are the most efficient implementations in the industry. 

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Business Solutions

We developed several products to solve business problems in railroads, trucking industry, pickup-and-delivery, and other businesses. Compared to other competing products, our software provides a much better optimal solution, is extremely fast to generate the solutions and very flexible to incorporate special rules and requirements companies might have. 

Licensing Existing Products

We have been building solutions and consulting different companies in different industries for more than a decade, and we have developed many tools that help us to speed up the time to delivery. Some of the components are very generic, and they can be useful in developing a variety of products. Others are programs addressing specific business problems.

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