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Apply science to (semi-)automate and optimize business processes to achieve greater efficiency.


Reduce cost and improve profit margins while utilizing the existing resources.


We are well known for applying algorithms, artificial intelligent, operations research, simulation, math models and other scientific methods to help businesses to reach new levels of efficiency. We automate or semi-automate parts of your operations or consult on transforming the company through reorganization, expansion, acquisition.

When You Need Us?


(Helping to make decision)



(Limited human interaction)

(Assessing new business initiatives)

- Seasonal, annual and other planning

- Predict outcome before executing

- Lab for simulating real live operations

- What-if scenarios

- Provide best options to choose from

- Numerical analyses of alternatives

- Machine-human feedback loop 

- Real time running systems

- Keep optimizing on periodic bases

- Consumes most up-to-date data

- Instant re-optimization for alternations 

- Driven by company business rules 

- Fully embedded system

- Human control of priorities

- Expanding to new markets

- Acquisition profitability

- Incorporating new technologies

- Evaluating reorganization efforts

- Re-optimizing grown businesses

- Assessing capital investment profitability

- Before and after analyses 

What we can do for you?


Building Custom Solution

Highly customized solution specific to customers' needs, business rules and requirements

Developing per customers’ IT standards and practices

Deep integration with customers' existing systems

Customizing and applying existing tools, algorithm and components to speed up development and deployment

Training, technology transfer and documentation per company standards

Flexible in post-deployment support and maintenance



Focusing on specific business problems of interest to assess cost and profitability of the initiatives

Applying scientific methods to evaluate, analyze, optimize, and/or simulate operations to suggest the best solution

Help implementing suggestions on the ground

Employ our existing tools to consult


No long-term contracts and obligations


No need to purchase or license our tools


Licensing Existing Products

Integrating and deploying existing products

Adapting to customers' available data and its sources 

Limited customization for company specific business rules and regulations

Training of company staff

Standard licensing agreement 

Optional post-deployment annual support and maintenance plan

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