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Bringing to the new levels of efficiency 

When a business is relatively modest in size, good management leads to efficiency and prosperity. Once the business expands, the size and complexity make it harder to achieve the same efficiency: optimizing to get the most out of large operations is just beyond the human brain capabilities. This is where we come with our artificial intelligent components, analytics, algorithms, solution methods and other technologies to help the management to take the company to the next levels of efficiency. 

Helping to transform

Companies grow and prosper through cycles of transformations, and we help businesses to assess the cost and profitability of such initiatives. Whether it is a natural growth, acquisition, market expansion, or company reorganization (e.g., policies, business rules, IT initiatives), we apply science to compare operations before and after the transformation. Using Operations Research and Simulation techniques, we provide a detailed analysis of all components and their interaction; our results are backed by objective and hard-core numbers. 


Optimal Planning and Execution

Companies plan their operations in advance by taking into account available resources, projected supply/demand, seasonality, all kinds of other components driving the business. While executing the plan, many adjustments are necessary due to day-to-day operations, e.g., ups and downs in supply/demand, equipment failures.

We have experience and uniquely qualify to address both components of the puzzle. We focus on developing extremely fast algorithms to produce high quality optimal solutions for planning as well as execution. Our approach ensures a high level of synergy between both business elements where the optimal execution is consistent with the optimal plan.

The latest and the greatest from research environment

We possess a unique combination of a very strong academic background and working experience with different industries. We are a team of professionals with PhD and Master degree in Mathematics, Operations Research and Computer Science, and we have 15+ years of business consulting and software development experience. Our mission is to bring the latest and the greatest technological achievements from research environment to business. Using our academic background, we push the boundaries of possible by developing and directly applying innovative technologies in different industries. 


Around the corner of the 21st century


In the 20th century, microelectronic, computer and information technology breakthroughs took the businesses to new productivity levels, but humans are still making most of the decisions. In the 21st century, trends are to build artificial intelligent to (semi-)automate decision making.


For instance, electronics and gadgets help to drive a car, but we are still the drivers. Nowadays many cars have on-board intelligent systems that make some of the decisions for us (semi-automation), i.e., adjust the speed for us if there is a danger, and soon we will witness our streets full of vehicles with no drivers (automation). 

Our technology can help you to stay on top in the 21st century. We build solutions that can optimize and (semi-)automate some of the business processes, and we can take you as far as you wish. Using the car analogy, our products can help you to drive certain business processes or drive them for you.

Our Services

A quick delivery of high quality solutions within a very reasonable budget

Quality, time and budget are three essential components we focus in our business. We have developed and perfected a range of tools and algorithms that are building blocks in our projects for many years. Furthermore, our design allows easily customizing components to fully meet customers' unique business rules and requirements. And yet we do not compromise the quality and response time of our products. This is our secret to deliver the best with less time and budget regardless whether it is a consulting project, deploying existing products, or building custom solutions. 


Using our experience and tools, we solve your toughest business problems. 

Custom Solutions

Quickly build a custom solution very specific to your business needs using our existing tools. 

Existing Products

Deploy existing products for you to use. Allow certain degree of customization to address your specific requirements. 

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